Galleri Tom Christoffersen

Gallery Tom Christoffersen positions itself as a gallery at the heart of Scandinavian contemporary art. We aim to present, map, and experiment with the youngest generation on the international art scene. Our scope of interest is broad, but our aim is narrow: To show what we find innovative and progressive and to contribute to the on-going debate and discussion of art as culture as well as a commodity.

Curatorial wise, our line is mainly two-fold:
We aim to further the interest in contemporary photography and video art, which, although often critically acclaimed, to a great extent suffers from the art market’s commercial conservatism.
Our second priority is young international painting. Although proclaimed dead as a genre a multitude of times, we strive to present how painting these years blooms with thematic variance and interesting formal expression as never before.

Presenting an average of ten exhibitions of new young art a year, we also sell a wide variety of Scandinavian and international art from the early 1980s until today.


Skindergade 5
DK - 1159 Copenhagen K
Telefon: +45 3391 7610
Mobil: +45 2637 7210
Åbningstider: Onsdag: kl. 12 - 18, Torsdag: 12-18, Fredag: 12 - 20, Lørdag: 12 - 15


Alexander Laner (D)
Alexandra Croitoru (RO)
Allan Otte
Anders W. Ø. Larsen
Anna Sørensen
Bodil Nielsen
Christian Skeel
Christian Vind
Claus Carstensen
Henrik Menné
Ib Geertsen
James Jessop (GB) / in collaboration w. Sartorial Contemporary Art London
Krista Rosenkilde
Marie Søndergaard Lolk
Mie Mørkeberg
Pia Lundqvist (S)

Christian Vind: Road to X. Vision in a Dream - a Fragment, 2006. Leporello book gouache, 14x260 cm
Marie Søndergaard Lolk: Untitled. 2006, acrylic, mdf and wood on board, 80x100 cm
Henrik Menné: 114L. 2006, iron, aluminum, ventilators, heating element, glue, motors, plastic, 200x200x200 cm. Autumn Exhibition 2006, Charlottenborg Exhibition Hall, Cph.